Welcome to Ju’s afroplatter!

Hi, I’m Justine Berinyuy, or simply Ju 🙂

Being of African descent and loving all things with an afro-twist, my afroplatter reflects my many little joys through my original photographs.

So basically, I love cooking, tasting different cuisines, travelling, curating arts & crafts and especially taking photos! I’m a healthy living enthusiast (from the +237) who loves creating quick, healthy and savory dishes,with an african twist!

I hope you get to experience Agape through my afroplatter!

Checkout my blog for snaps to tickle your appetite or simply to flatter your eye!

Happy browsing et bon appétit!

Much love! Ju 💕


Feel free to like, share and/or leave a comment on my blog/posts 😊
Also find me here:
Instagram: @afroplatter / @afroplatterhub
eShop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/afroplatterhub


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