Been a minute…

its been a minute, a few…or some (many) months and I’ve been thinking about my next blog post. Thinking I have! While hibernating, I’ve been travelling some, curating various handicrafts, eating, taking pictures (some) and learning to falling in love with living…the list goes on. Asters have been on my mind lately, especially as we’re…

…still on that masala!

Pizza on my platter this time round 😛 Hmm, so instead of trying to raid a sort-of-empty fridge, coming up with a quick and healthy dinner, was a rather ambitious venture, that spontaneously landed me on this homemade pizza -which-if I might add- was love at first bite!

August, Monday…

Oh Hi! It’s August already! Been out and about lately, soaking in all the good summer fun and vibes.

…bee inspired!

Wild flowers, vibrant colors and (sea) breeze are my favorite parts of the summer!

…breakfast chez moi

To start of the new month, I decided to start slowing, soak up some quiet time and treat myself to a healthy breakfast.