…the egusi in my cabbage

For a quick and healthy treat, I decided to incorporate a decent amount of grounded egusi in a very simple sautéed cabbage dish.

One may use pumpkin seeds as a substitute.


My mother inspired this dish, especially when I think of the numerous ways she uses ‘egusi’ in her soups, stews and sauces, both for its thickening and nutritive qualities. Melon seeds, generally known as Egusi in western Africa, are highly nutritional seeds that are used in African cuisine.

Easy cuisine, approximately 20mins cooking time


1 small onion

2 cups of chopped cabbage

2 garlic cloves

A little black pepper and salt for seasoning

1 teaspoon (pilau) masala spice

½ teaspoon of ground red chilli powder (piri piri)wpid-wp-1425500467143.jpeg

1 cup ground egusi seeds (pumpkin seeds as a substitute)

1 tablespoon olive oil


1 – place chopped cabbage in boiled water and allow to cook for 4 minutes the drain out the water and let cabbage cool.

2 – add olive oil to a saucepan and add crushed garlic, salt and black pepper to the mixture. Stir oil mixture for 2 minutes

3 – add chopped onion and continue to stir mixture for about 4minutes.

4 – increase to medium heat and add ‘semi-cooked’ cabbage. Stir for less than a minute then add ground egusi to the mixture and continue stirring.

5 – finally, a pinch of salt, pilau masala, some ground red chilli and about 20ml of water to the mixture and allow to cook for 2 minutes

6 – keep stiring the mixture for about 6 minutes until the egusi it looks somewhat flaky.

7 – Top it off with a squeeze of lemon, and serve warm

This dish may be eaten on its own or together with a side dish.

Bon appetit!


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