…a walk of spring

hmmm… finally!!!! My first (sort of) spring walk this year, out and about without shivering, and finally smiling at the sun.


This weekend, I decided to visit the Clingendael Park in The Hague, where naturally, I was going to visit the Japanese Garden. I guess I was too eager, because unfortunately, the gardens only open for 8 weeks each year, and this year round, they reopen as of 30 April (watch out for upcoming posts on that).

So anyways, I was still very much entertained by a good walk in the park, through the blooming trees, charming sounds of chirping birds and quacking ducks (some sighting of ‘wild life’:P) and simply being in awe by nature.

Here are a few snaps out and about the park.

Yes, I am quite fascinated by trees in general, but I guess there’s something about the lemon lime yellow green leaves and blossoming shoots that reminds me that even during the winter storms in life, spring is always around the corner.

Hope you get to enjoy the beautiful beginnings that spring brings through some of my snaps, and maybe even capture a few of yours wherever you may be 🙂

*All photographs taken by me in The Hague, NL



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  1. Bethlehem Mengesha says:

    love the pictures

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