August, Monday…

Oh Hi! It’s August already!

Been out and about lately, soaking in all the good summer fun and vibes.

Recently on a zoo outing to the ‘ Diergaarde Blijdorp’ (Rotterdam zoo),  I spotted this great grey owl as soon as I walked in and I just had to share this photograph first(more later).  Great Grey Owl -R'dam(afroplatter)

Never seen such a large fluffy feathered, large-headed and long tailed owl before. Among a parliament of owls, this fluffy one got closer and for a brief moment, gazed deeply with it’s yellow piercing eyes. I was lucky to capture this brief close shot, and I just had to share it 🙂

And knowing so many different myths about owls, I never imagined such a species would amaze me. What a beauty!

Happy New month!!!

May your August be equally amazing, beautiful and owlsome 🙂

Picture taken by me, Nikon D3300, Blijdorp, Rotterdam


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