…still on that masala!

Pizza on my platter this time round 😛

Hmm, so instead of trying to raid a sort-of-empty fridge, coming up with a quick and healthy dinner, was a rather ambitious venture, that spontaneously landed me on this homemade pizza -which-if I might add- was love at first bite!

To be honest, I’ve never been much of a pizza fan. However, after spontaneously putting together this pizza at home, my feelings towards homemade pizza have forever changed!

As part of the topping to my dough, I used up all the remaining fresh veggies in my fridge including some mushrooms, leeks, yellow and red cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes, a little mozzarella and a few scoops of tomato sauce. I couldn’t resist but spice things up with a good balance of my favorite spices, including a hint of East African pilau masala, some Cameroonian ‘piment’ and some smoked paprika powder, which I previously purchased during my travels to the motherland.

This definitely was an easy to throw together, easily customisable type of meal!

…long story short, here are couple of snaps to tickle your taste buds! 🙂





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